Connecting with Rock, Spider and Undines

Connecting with Rock, Spider and Undines

It has been ages and so much has happened !!

I connected with Uluru while I was there and after I got home she visited me ♥ At a service for a friend she appeared to me in my mind’s eye, letting me know she was there with me. A few days later we connected when I downloaded a photo of her while listening to a meditation CD. Her energy at that time was that of a small red dog with floppy ears. She was very happy to connect with me.

I am over my fear of Huntsman spiders, finally ! It was hard work with lots of help from Spider Woman or Grandmother Spider as I call her ! She would send them to me all the time. Every time I had a task to do which was a little hard, they would be there. You can do it Kelly, get past the fear and do it! Huge spiders she send to me over the last two years :) Last week “Legs”, cos he was all legs as they seem to be here :) , lost a leg or two in my lounge room, this made me sad and open hearted for him as I watched the TV not more than a few feet from him. He hung around a couple more days and then went a little mad around the place one morning. I opened the front door to let him out and he came back in to hang from the loungeroom ceiling a while longer, maybe saying good bye. I asked where he was later in the day and didn’t see him anywhere. I finally saw him on my balcony the next day … !

Two days ago I was watering my pot plants in the yard and as I moved one I saw a quite big huntsman had fallen backwards into the water filled tray. He is stationary, not moving and looked as though he might drown :( I flicked the tray over, lifting him onto the grass and watched that he was okay. This was wonderful as it confirmed my fear of them no longer is as it was.

Learning about and hearing from a friend about the elementals atm, Water Undines, Air Sylphs, Fire Salamanders and Earth Gnomes. I am very connected to the earth and have ‘seen’ the Earth Gnomes a while ago. Brownies, I feel, are Earth Gnomes who choose to live inside and I am lucky to have a few, maybe 6 or 7, of them in my lounge area. They are spoilt rotten with me now baking them a honey cake once a week :) I ‘feel’ and ‘see’ them while talking with them.

Last night in the shower I ‘felt’ and ‘saw’ the Undines having fun jumping and bouncing over me as the water flowed to the drain.

I find opening my heart to these beings helps me to ‘see’ and ‘feel’ and connect with them.

It would be lovely to hear your stories ♥