A little about me and my work with spirit beings !

My spiritual journey began when I was a child.  I found myself in a situation I recalled from a past life and wanted no part of it so I asked to be removed from it.  My father had triggered a memory of me being a puppet when he told my 6 year old self that I couldn’t cry unless he made me.  Of course the plan was written by me before this life started so no one came to get me.   Thanks though to my knowledge of my past life I was able in a way to distance myself from my father and a lot of what he did.  I saw him as not related to me and that made it easier to see him for what he was.  It did mean that I blocked a lot of my emotions and also built up a lot of anger at my parents for their betrayal of me for starters.  At 13 I left my father’s home and ran away to my mother’s house.  Out of the frying pan into the fire some would say.  My mother lived with what I would eventually learn to be a convicted pedophile.  Where dad had no real history of pedophilia beyond his own children, this guy didn’t have kids so inflicted his desires on the children of his girlfriend, my mother was one.  At 15 I left home for a time to live with friends and moved back when I was 17.   It was around this time that I began to see a nasty being in the faces of my friends.  This face was like an energy of darkness which showed itself to me when my friends spoke to me.  It was so nasty that I couldn’t look at my friends anymore.  I saw this face in the faces of about 5 friends who went on later to commit suicide.  It was also at this time that I was wondering what my life was about, why I was here etc.  When these faces started to appear I decided I wanted no part of that and got a job.


It was 20 years later and I was now an accountant, helping a friend and her husband with the books for their business.  My friend was very spiritual and communicated with the angels and people on the other side, deceased people.  She was given messages for those who were considering suicide or had attempted suicide by their family who had already passed.  We were quite close for a few years and it was through her that I met my healer, kinesiologist and reiki master Cas. 



Initially, July 2008, I visited Cas fortnightly which eventually become monthly during a period of about 2 years.  The sessions with Cas helped me to heal myself from the traumas of my childhood and the anger which was very damaging. Cas eventually attuned me for Reiki Level 1 and I began to attend her reiki share classes with a few others.  It was during this time that a few weird things began to happen to me.  I always seemed to have a dark entity attached to me and Cas finally worked out that there was a vortex in my home through which the entities were coming.  It was my anger, always bubbling away on the surface, which attracted these entities.  Cas closed down the vortex.  I remember driving home along the highway from the north coast one night when all of a sudden I didn’t feel myself. I turned off the highway to the back of Bracken Ridge, where I had never been before.  After driving around for a few minutes I centred myself and got back on the highway and home.  At Reiki share night, which was the next night, I declared that I felt someone had taken me over.  Cas confirmed I had picked up a spirit from the highway most likely because she was attracted by my light.  Cas helped her pass over to the light and told me to be sure I carried a snowflake obsidian crystal in my car to prevent this happening again. I remember collecting a spirit through a phone call with a vietnam veteran one day, right before the reiki share class of course.  Another time, January 2011 or thereabouts, I collected a spirit who had died in the Brisbane floods.  This was while

I was giving healings to the trees in Sherwood Forest, Sherwood Qld.  Up until this time Cas would do all of the work passing the spirits to the light on my behalf.




Merlin ~  one of my friends in Sherwood Forest

In March 2011 I was determined to phone my facebook man in the USA and leave a nasty message for him in response to the nastiness he had been showing me.  The more I thought of the phone call I was going to make the angrier I grew, so by the time I got home I was furious.  I picked up the phone and made the call to the US, leaving him a message as I knew he would be asleep.   When I spoke into the phone I found my voice was like that of a man and I left the most fabulously gangsterish message full of threats on this man’s phone.  I was excited by this voice as it had helped me make the perfect phone call !!   I also knew that I must have someone attached to me so I called Cas and she told me how to pass him to the light after confirming I did have an attachment.  I got into the shower and sent this being a ton of love, which was easy cos it was such fun having the lovely voice, than I asked him to go to the light.  Cas had told me to ask AA Michael to help me do this but I don’t use the

Angels and decided to use my own energy to do this. It worked of course and was my very first !


In January 2010 I learnt that I was living with a spirit being via a friend who could feel him.  I ‘saw’ this spirit being in the form of what I would call a ‘black butterfly type of energy’ in my kitchen and learnt that he was living in a single bed mattress which I had in my possession and had owned for many years.  I named this being Ken and he and I would watch the football, rugby league.  He would tell me to hush and it was during these moments I could ‘feel’ him as a small man who had been very sick.  I never did ‘hear’ Ken but did ‘feel’ him at times.  He passed himself over to the light after passing a message to me.  I realised the message was for me and told Ken that if his purpose in being here was merely to help me I would hope would go to the light. It wasn’t long after that I felt an emptiness where Ken would normally be and I was very upset that he was gone, such that I still get sad when I think of him.  He now sends messages to me via hurts and pains in my body which he knows I will understand.  I remember having a terrible ache for only a moment in my wrist and I know that Ken was telling me that I needed to get a grip and think properly about whatever issue I had been thinking about at the time of the ache.


When I moved to my most recent home I found a man who had committed suicide in my bathroom.  I had been told by friends that the energy was dark in that room and not knowing exactly what was there I initially put a glass bottle of bubble bath on the edge of the bath and told the being that if he was that angry he could smash the bottle on the floor.  The bottle never moved.  Sam had not gone to the light because of guilt at the pain he had inflicted on his family by his actions.  I spoke to him all the time, telling him that everyone on the other side loved him and would not hold his action against him.  He would ask questions and we would  communicate, though I could not see him.  With the help of a friend, I put some crystals around the edges of the bathtub and went to Uluru for a week.  When I came back from Uluru, Sam asked me how you go about passing over.  I told him I wasn’t sure cos I hadn’t done it this life and had no memory of doing it in past lives but that he should go to the light.  Seems he was well enough to go to the light now and I wish him well.


From these experiences I know that I have grown from my higher self sensing I had a being attached to me now being able to feel and hear spirit beings.


In the UK, I am told, I am what you call a Rescue Medium.   I love helping people in spirit and would help them all if I could.