The Faeries ~ The Sidhe ~ The Tuatha De Danann

 This is a note from my facebook page which I shared quite a while ago.

With my Irish and therefore Celtic background, the story of the Faeries start with the Tuatha De Danann. They are said to be a mythical people but I know they lived in Ireland before Christianity. I know this because I have traced my Irish heritage, through a family website, back to that time and found that my family was one of the first 3 families to settle in Ireland. I know I am one of the Tuatha De Danann, I have relatives amongst them and they are my Faery family. My journey to find out who I am started with a reading from a friend approximately 2 years ago. She told me I had a visitor in spirit at the reading who was a Bard, Seer and Warrior of the Tuatha De Danann. He challenged me to guess who he was 🙂 Of course I started to look for information on the Tuatha De Danann, not much exists, as far as websites at least 🙂 Through another friend over the last 6 or so months he has set me some very silly tasks to determine who he is !! Reading the Book of Kells for starters, I was to find him in there. This was declared to be a trick when I realised it was such !! He is Lugh and he came to me in a meditation when I asked to meet him.  On that same day I meditated to meet one of my Fae family … my sister Morrigan … she came and gave me a message ‘believe in you’ xxx

My most valued possession these days is my set of Brian Froud’s Faery Oracle Cards. The first time I held and looked at each of the cards I cried for I knew immediately that they were paintings of my family. The guidebook kept opening at Card 13 in the set and I thought this was about me reading about the Sidhe as that is what is on that page besides the card. I have only recently realised that Card 13 in that set is Lugh who was one of the gods of the Tuatha De Danann and he is also my Tuatha De Danann contact and father. Coincidentally the number 13 is what I call ‘my number’, that number which means everything to me. When you understand who Lugh is you realise only he could be a Bard, Seer and Warrior 🙂

I have been told that the Sidhe or the Tuatha De Danann are awakening so that they may help their descendants to wake up …. if you have any Irish heritage please do some research as I did

An update on this for you all is that I firmly believe we each are being sought to look to the traditional peoples of the land we feel as ‘home’.  For our stories are within the myths, legends and history of those peoples.   It is through this connection, I believe, that we will discover who we are and get an inkling as to why we are here.  I am aware that there are new souls here on earth and that is so very exciting, they will not need to do this research of family and ties to the earth.

I have many writings to share with you and more to come so please keep in touch.

Many blessings of love to each and every one of you on this fabulous day xxx


7 thoughts on “The Faeries ~ The Sidhe ~ The Tuatha De Danann

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  2. Very enlightening and so heart touching to read! Reading this brought a lot of things and experiences to light throughout my own life too! Thank-you for sharing this beautiful blog with me! Love and Light always… BB ❤

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