Boundaries ~ 8 November 2014

We are quite often challenged and sent lessons in the form of uninvited people who come into our space, be it home, business, personal space and social media space. These people may bring issues which may be considered a lesson needing to be dealt with or they may not. The lesson of an uninvited guest can be that your current protection or shielding is open enough that they come directly to you. Perhaps you have not put any protection or shielding in place.

In order to prevent uninvited guests arriving at all times it is important to set rules for access to your space, be it your home, business or person.

I have been shown by my friends in nature, to put a boundary around my home in the form of trees which root themselves deeply into the earth, on all sides of the property, while their canopy itself becomes the roof over my home. I also ensured that my own energy filled the cosy little space under the canopy, thereby keeping the canopy from collapsing. This is my energetic protection and shielding of my home and it has worked a treat with a bit of initial tweaking.

To ensure the right people came to my home at the right time it was important for me to set the intention that only those with love in their heart and also those needing healing and ready to accept healing request access. I set this intention with the rule that any access has to be between the hours of 9am to 5pm Monday to Saturday for my business.

As it stands I have been informed by a friend that what they see is not what I see and that there appears to be great stone blocks making a huge wall around my home.

It is imperative that we set similar rules for our business, our social media space and our personal space. These were lessons I learnt over time once my home was protected and shielded.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you need help with any of this.


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