They are Coming

Today’s message is of utmost importance to all and particularly for pagans and witches etc who practice their faith openly.

It has been a long time since the witch trials and other nasty happenings in many parts of the world while in other parts it is a regular happening.  Did the citizens of those parts of the planet ever stop punishing those of us who worship nature though.

It has come to my attention via my new earth sensitivity and also advice received from my mentor, friend and Uncle in spirit, Sean Goddard-Chase who feels her as I do, that the anti-terrorism laws will bring attention to us and our gatherings.  It was mentioned by the media at the recent G20 event that the English Prime Minister is adopting for his country the anti-terrorism laws which have been introduced across Australia after being initially introduced as bikie laws here in Queensland.  The current earth energies are bringing this energy to us and it is time that we took steps to ensure our safety is maintained and that we do all we can in the most love filled way to counter this action against us.  We are to ensure that we are protected and kept safe always and particularly during our public gatherings.  Practicing love for our fellow man as well as each other will help to prevent injury and subsequent action against any of us.

Mother Earth is hereby requesting of you to be aware of this coming energy and prepare to defend yourselves as well as protect and shield you and yours with love always. Remembering always the natural law which states As Above, So Below and As Within, So Without! If we are projecting love to all, we can counter this nasty energy.

Kelly Earth Healer Watts
17 November 2014


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